NINJA SEVEN - 7″ (RED Vinyl)
NINJA SEVEN - 7″ (RED Vinyl)
NINJA SEVEN - 7″ (RED Vinyl)
NINJA SEVEN - 7″ (RED Vinyl)

NINJA SEVEN - 7″ (RED Vinyl)

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7 “battle break” NINJA SEVEN “by split between DJ $HIN and SPIN MASTER A-1 is re-pressed with red vinyl specification! !

Side A by DJ $HIN supervision is a standard classic news change the Beat 's “Ahhh” “Fresh” began with scratch story reissued, word sentence neta was also recorded, and even Shing 02' s exclusive shout recorded! !

On Side B supervised by SPIN MASTER A – 1, it seems easy for even beginners to improve progress, including intro which can be used when playing with only scratch neta and 7 “about sound placement and interval!

Do not miss buying “NINJA SEVEN” that contains content that exceeds the content of the previous work!

As limited production items are sold out, the sale ends.

  • This product is Battle Breaks (analog record). It is suitable for DJ battle, scratch, track making.

– Please keep it in a state that it stands straight (up to 10 sheets) or straight. Leaning diagonally or otherwise may cause warping of the board.

  • Please avoid high temperature. It may cause deformation.

* Except for initial malfunctions, we can not accept returns and exchanges due to warpage of the board, deformation.

Following the HIT and quick sold out release of 「KAMIKAZE SEVEN」, DJ Shin releases his second 7″, 「NINJA SEVEN」
To add more heat onto this one, he's brought in DJ A-1 to help out on the 7″.

The World has experienced a huge emergence of Portable Turntables and portable faders from beginner to the experts these past past few years. Within this new craze, the one limited item was a battle break in a form of a 7″. To honor the 10 year anniversary of Kamikaze Breaks, the founder DJ Shin with 「KAMIKAZE SEVEN」 drops the next title, 「NINJA SEVEN.
To top it off, he brings in DJ A-1 to help in production.
On side A, DJ Shin puts together many classic samples from Change the beat's “Ahhh” and “Fresh” redited and several word sentences to enjoy your cuts. On top of that some ill shout outs by Shing02
Spin Master A-1 fills in Side B with exclusive scratch phrases to further your fun on the 7″ and 45 game.
A collaboration that is a must for all you 7″ collectors, grab this one now before they are gone!