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The Handroidz consist of brothers DJ IQ and DJ Konfusion. Originally started in 92’, the Handroidz founding members were Oligee, IQ, and Konfusion. Raised on Hip-hop, their love for the culture gave way to a dedicated and talented group of individuals: Oligee and IQ on production, all three on the cuts, as well as Konfusion and Oligee on the visual arts holding down the graff and creative art elements. The addition of MC Abnormal and producer/DJ One-3(now known as Computer Jay), gave the Handroidz a lyrical element as well as another production element. The Handroidz gained rep by doing live shows throughout L.A. incorporating turntables, drum machines, a live drummer, a Fender Rhodes, and various analog synths.




Stones Throw Records is an American independent music label based in Los Angeles, California.
Under the direction of founder and world-renowned DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, Stones Throw has consistently released critically acclaimed,
left-of-center albums since its inception in 1996.
Stones Throw is considered one of the leading names in underground hip-hop circles with a cult fan following around the world.

Dj Nu-Mark

Dj Nu-mark

Mark Potsic, better known by his stage name DJ Nu-Mark, is a hip hop producer and DJ.
He is a member of Jurassic 5. He is also an owner of Hot Plate Records.
He has collaborated with J-Live, Aloe Blacc, Charles Bradley, and Bumpy Knuckles, among others.




Detroit-based Jeremy Ellis moved to Puerto Rico to create an album marrying traditional Bomba and Plena rhythms with Detroit-schooled dance music. After three months, the keyboard maestro and golden-toned vocalist discovered that the living in Puerto Rico ain?t so easy. On his way home he lost two computers, all of his recordings, half of his recording advance, and his passport (and possibly part of his mind). Fortunately, Ellis returned in one piece with the musical knowledge and resolve to create ?The Lotus Blooms,? an album of insatiable future funk grounded in Detroit and peppered with a Puerto-Rican persuasion.

DJ Qball (Bloodhound Gang)

DJ QBall

DJ Q-Ball (born Harry Dean, Jr on October 8, 1974 in Limerick, Pennsylvania) is both the DJ and background vocalist of the band The Bloodhound Gang. Q-Ball graduated from Owen J. Roberts high school in Bucktown, PA. He is also one of the three members of the band to have a college degree. Outside of Bloodhound Gang, Q-Ball is also a member of the hip-hop group Federal Moguls, with Troy Walsh, of MTV fame.

DJ Revolution

DJ Revolution

DJ Revolution is a Los Angeles native mostly known for his DJ residency with Sway & King Tech on their nationally syndicated hip-hop radio exhibition called The Wakeup Show. He had a hand in the production and scratching on Styles of Beyond’s debut album and has since worked on and released many projects including his acclaimed album “King of the Decks”.

B-Real / DJ Greenthumb (Cypress Hill)

Frontman of the multi-platinum selling Hip-Hop group Cypress Hill, B-Real has begun to master the craft of DJing. Mentored by legendary west coast DJs such as KDAY mix masters Julio G and Tony G, B-Real has played some of Hollywood’s hottest clubs under the alias DJ Greenthumb – spinning classic Hip-Hop breaks, Dubstep and more. You can catch B-Real and friends live every weekday on B-Real TV.

DJ Bobby B (Kottonmouth Kings)

Member of the legendary underground group Kottonmouth Kings, producer and DJ extraordinaire Bobby B has over sixteen years of experience with ProTools, eighteen years with the MPC-2000, a collection of over 15,000 records and over two decades of experience behind the turntables. DJ Bobby B’s work can be heard on various projects and releases by artists including Big B, Tommy Lee, Methods of Mayhem, Pakelika, Hed P.E., Dirtball, Da Nayborhoods, One Session, Dysfunctional, Kingspade, Tsunami Bros and the Kottonmouth Kings. His work has also been featured in major motion picture releases such as What’s The Worst That Can HappenLost & Found and Scream 2. DJ Bobby B has been called upon to work with such companies as Fox Sports, AMA Supercross, Dodge, Hart & Huntington, Monster Energy, Rockstar Energy, Dunlop Tires, Honda Motorcycles, Jammin’ RC Products, Vestax, Joy Ride, Rockheavy Clothing, Beat Kangz and more. He was also selected to spin at private parties for high profile celebs including Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, the Princess of Monaco and Madonna. When he’s not on tour with the Kottonmouth Kings, you can find DJ Bobby B in the lab making beats with his music production collective – Dub Session Beats.

DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill)

World-renowned producer, DJ and Soul Assassin – DJ Muggs is a true heavyweight in Hip-Hop. Muggs is one of the three original members of Cypress Hill. DJ Muggs has worked with the best of the best including The Fugees, Dr. Dre, Mix Master Mike and many, many more. DJ Muggs boasts an extensive discography including his famous versus series (which features artists such as GZA, Planet Asia, Ill Bill and Sick Jacken), numerous Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins albums, various collaborations and solo studio albums.

DJ Kilmore (Incubus)

Soulful DJ, skilled turntablist and multi-talented musician – Chris Kilmore is a member of the rock group Incubus. Kilmore has also worked with other bands/musicians such as Primer 55 and DJs Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist of popular Hip-Hop group Jurassic 5. His roots as a Hip-Hop DJ and turntablist go back to his teenage years. DJ Kilmore was once a member of a battle DJ crew known as the Jedi Knights. You can currently find DJ Kilmore on the road with Incubus.

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